Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Size does matter

These variety of sizes are the most popular for Loves Desserts' luscious cupcakes;

Picture 1

Muffin Sized

RM60 for 16 or RM90 for 25 (Vanilla flavour & buttercream topping)

Picture 2

Mini Cupcakes

RM70 for 49 (Vanilla flavour & buttercream topping)

Picture 3
Mini Cupcakes in Souffle Cups
These are slightly bigger than the Mini Cupcakes featured in Picture 2
RM65 for 25 (for Vanilla flavour & buttercream topping)

There is also the midi size, which is smaller than the muffin size but bigger than the minis.
(RM55 for 16 vanillas or RM60 for 16 chocolates)

Loves Dessert does cream cheese frosting as well, so do enquire for prices.