Friday, January 31, 2014

Loves Desserts at Hijabista Magazine Fashion Swap Event

Got an invitation to set up a dessert bar at the Hijabista Magazine fashion swap event attended by fashionistas in hijab. There were many other bakers there and it was nice to get to know other passionate dessert lovers and also exchanged & tried each other's dessert!

Anyway, here are some pics of Loves Desserts' dessert bar filled to the brim with sumptuous desserts...
Daim Cakes

Tiramisu in mini sizes RM90 for 30 pcs
*New* Superminis in (1oz) souffle cupsRM65 for 36 pcs

*New* Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Oh my gosh this post was supposed to wish "Happy New Year" as in 2014 (not Chinese New Year yet when I started this post). It's been a crazy month with kids starting school.

Anyway, my sister requested this; a Chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache, buttercream & fresh strawberries.I think that was the last cake for 2013.

Strawberry Chocolate Cake
Made this for a pot luck New Year party with friends. You can order yours too if you're into this simple but yummy dessert.

Bread & Butter Pudding
Here's some recent bakes....

The Daim Cake
Crazy for Chevron?
Pink & Yellow Chevron Themed Cake

The Pink & Yellows continue inside the layers of the cake....